• Amy Ray

Sounds of Silence

Last weekend we had a power outage; not the flicker on and off kind, more the no power for a couple of hours kind. There was complete darkness, not fearsome but natural, the way an evening should be as winter seeps closer.

The hum of technology ceased and all we could hear was the wind. I think we have learned to block out so much white noise around us, that we do not realize the effort it takes to do so until it is all simply gone. The hum of technology is both progress and convenience, yet the constant exposure to our senses is also a burden. When there is suddenly no furnace, refrigerator, lights, transformers, etc all running at once, silence takes on a completely different feel.....it's effortless.

We lit a couple of soy candles, spritzed the pillows on the couch with serenity essential oil spray (why not add a little aromatherapy to the peace of the moment?), curled up in some blankets and relished the time that we could enjoy the sounds of silence. A gift of self-care from Mother Nature's wind that blew that night.

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