• Amy Ray

Seasonal Rituals ~ Spring


Take care of your liver. The liver is crucial for our health. It is responsible for breaking down fats, Storing vitamins A,D,K & B12 as well as other minerals and glycogen. It filters toxins from the blood and distributes nourishment though the body. Anything that can’t be broken down, ends up in the liver for detoxification. The liver can then get bogged down and become sluggish. The seasonal foods of Spring support a natural detox for your liver. One way to invite green in is to eat green foods; they have a renewing, reparative and cleansing quality especially after the heavier winter months. This season we see sprouts, spinach, dandelion greens, arugula and asparagus. Light by nature, the bitterness offers detoxifying support for your body, especially the liver. For a gentle detox try 7-21 days water with lemon oil, fruits, veggies & whole grains.


If your liver is stagnate your life force will be too. If you’re irritated, edgy, frustrated, can’t think or plan clearly, it could be that your liver is isn’t functioning as well as it should. Yin Yoga Practice gently tones and enlivens liver and gallbladder meridians.

The yoga collection is a wonderful grouping of oils that are specifically geared toward movement. Align, Arise, and Anchor are a part of my practice.

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