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How to Be A Pure Food Addict

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” – Michael Pollan

What are pure foods? Put simply, pure foods are REAL foods – foods that are grown, not manufactured. Pure foods have not been processed or modified and they do not contain unnecessary additives or preservatives. Think fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, legumes, lean meat and fish. Eating pure foods helps reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and even some types of cancer. Since they are whole, natural foods, pure foods contain more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than packaged and processed foods. Pure foods also make you feel full longer. Why not become a pure food addict, right? 

4 Tips When Buying Pure Foods 

1. Buy Local: Buying local produce means the fruits or veggies have longer to ripen before they’re picked. This means more nutrients for you!

 2. Avoid the “Dirty Dozen”: This is the list put together by the Environmental Working Group that highlights the produce that has the highest pesticide residues and higher concentrations of pesticides than other produce items. 

3. Eat in Season: Not only can you save money eating foods that are in season, but seasonally fresh produce is picked when ripe and fully developed. This means the plant has also had more sun exposure and will have higher levels of antioxidants. See what produce is in season here.


4. Wash Your Produce: If you are unable to purchase organic produce, make sure to wash it well in order to remove harmful pesticides from the surfaces of the food. Becoming a pure food addict is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle choice. Once you notice the positive benefits, this choice will quickly become a habit! Start by making just a few small changes. Choose fresh, raw, whole foods and get into the habit of keeping them readily available so you can snack on them at a moment’s notice. 

Quick Tips For DIY

Fruit and Veggie Wash Buying organic produce may not always be possible. If you aren’t able to purchase organic, make sure to wash your produce well!

Use this simple solution: 

 3 drops Lemon Oil 

 1 cup water Combine all the ingredients into a spray bottle. 

The lemon oil is not only a great cleaner for all fruits and veggies, it also helps them last longer, and remove wax from items like apples!

Spray this solution on all of your fruits and veggies. Then, rinse your produce off and enjoy! 

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