Meet Amy


I am a wearer of many hats and love every moment of it! My hubs and two kiddos are A #1! I'm also a business woman, hobby farmer, friend, health advocate, life long learner and lover all all things chocolate.


I began my wellness journey as a child. My mother was diagnosed with MS when I was young and I watched her as she modeled courage, researching and trying every possible integrative option to battle her disease. As a teenager I poo poo’d (as is typical of a know it all youth) such things she introduced to me such as Ayurveda, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Supplements, Yoga, and the list goes on….

Now, my husband and I own a veterinary hospital, he’s the Vet 🙂 . We live with our two children, three dogs, cat and chickens on a six acre homestead where we have worked to teach our children about sustainability, free play, growing and raising our own food, and being good caretakers for the earth. As my children grow and evolve I continue looking to natural ways for keep our family healthy and happy. You can catch a glimpse of our farm journey here.

A few years ago, illness overtook our family and I found myself coming full circle and going back to the roots that my mom instilled in me. I began to research for myself the vast world of integrative medicine. It was during this time that I first began to really learn about the value and effectiveness of essential oils. As we navigated doctors and diagnosis, we found that care givers are also in need of self-care instruction in order to best show up those they support. The foundation of wellness offered by essential oils and mindfulness practices changed how we approach life. With this experience, I am dedicated to sharing with others, so that they can begin to also take care of both themselves and those they care for.


I am a life long learner, have a Bachelors in Psychology, an MBA, and have completed Parent Peer Specialist training.

I’m loving every moment of my crazy busy life, and striving to take a road less traveled.